About Lavabit


Lavabit is a non-profit organization that was unofficially founded in 2013. Our current workforce includes a network engineer, two software engineers and a QA analyst. We specialize in certain solutions, mainly our Cloud, Mail and VPN services, but we also host several scripts and tools that come in handy for testing purposes.

Lavabit started out as a personal project, which later turned into a group project amongst friends. We are like-minded people who want to increase the security and privacy of users online due to mass surveillance, both by countries and intelligence agencies.

We started out as a Mail service in 2013, adding Cloud Storage and Virtual Private Networking to our arsenal in 2015 and onwards.

Future and Expansion

We've had our fair share of challenges along the way, but we're determined to remain operational. We hope to gradually increase the use of HTTPS and other means of encryption when using the web.

We also look forward to setting up new branches in Central Europe and the US to extend our VPN to those locations. And just in case you hadn't figured it out by now, this is a parody project.